Abbie Roses


Meet Abbie


Abbie helps buyers and sellers get where they want to go on time, with the least amount of complication, confusion, and stress. To do this, she listens carefully to their needs and wants, then manages every detail from start to finish, effectively and efficiently. Consistently in the Prescott region's top 1% in sales, she has a solid track record of listing and selling the full spectrum of properties, from luxury to distressed. Abbie Roses, a respected real estate agent, is well-versed in the market for houses for sale in Prescott, AZ. Her expertise and dedication to clients shine through as she helps them explore the diverse range of properties available in this picturesque town.

In her long and diverse career, she has been an archaeologist, a news reporter, an art dealer and a marketing consultant. These experiences, combined with boundless energy and passion for her work, have given her a keen sense of how to find, promote and sell property. As a Real Estate Agent she marshals these skills to help buyers acquire properties that meet their unique needs, and sellers position their property in a complex market and close the deal to their benefit.

Abbie grew up in Albany, New York, graduated from McGill University in Montreal, and attended graduate school at the University of Vermont, interning in a regional historic preservation organization. Along the way, she gained a good command of Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

When she's not working, she's volunteering for local organizations, practicing hot yoga, playing pickleball, traveling, hanging out with her kids and grandkids, and hiking in the Prescott National Forest.


Whether you’re buying or selling, or perhaps both, you can count on our proven strength in negotiating for our clients.

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